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"My art is not only about a pretty image, it's about the feeling you get from looking at it.

I've been an artis for about 30 years by now. Not always as a painter and illustrator, but also as a graphic designer, an actress, a playwrite and an author.

Life moves in mysterious ways and the river brought me back to the canvas, paint and paper. So here I am, working with shapes and colors while quietly observing the different mediums behavior on the surface. Not that different from being an actress dancing in a room or shooting a perfect word into the darkness from a theater stage.

Art runs in my blod, it is my Being, and I believe that everyone are born with a creative heart. When you look at art, a feeling or an emotion arises in you. In this way, the image I have made is only a bridge to the real living art: the emotion it starts in you. The life that lives through you.
That is the truth of NOW in all of us.

I aim to transmit the beauty and the violence of nature and life."

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-enjoy Maj


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